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Feature: Battery

I guess every generation has its bands who they stick with, like (almost) forever. For me it’s Green Day and the Offspring who initiated my love for punk rock

Feature: Spermbirds

In 1982, when I was still in a diaper and some of you weren’t even born yet, some crazy German punks formed a band called the Spermbirds. A hardcore

Feature: Gorilla Biscuits

GO!!!!!!!!!! Gorilla Biscuits in your head.
 One more time and you’ll be dead.
 Better watch out better be scared,
 heading for the dragon’s lair.
 G-O-R-I-double L-A Biscuits. If the

An interview with H2O

H2O interview with Adam (bass), Groezrock 2014 “This is the only life I want to live in 1995! I’m not coming home there’s nothing there for me. Time flies,

Evil Invaders

Belgian cult band AmenRa is one of the latest bands added to this years Graspop Festival but so are Evil Invaders, a Belgian speed metal, heavy metal, thrash metal,

Feature: Bad Brains

“Who gave them fuckin’ niggas those rock guitars? Who let ‘em in the club? Did you make ‘em pay? Who let ‘em on the stage? Whose lettin’ ‘em play?” 

Feature: Minor Threat

There is one band you X-ed up hardcore punks should know about and that’s MINOR THREAT. They set, together with BLACK FLAG and fellow Washington, D.C. hardcore band Bad

Feature: Black Flag

Let me take you back in time to April 2013. I’m on Groezrock looking forward to see an American hardcore band called FLAG play. Seeing these guys killing it