Feature: Labyrinth

The first word that comes to mind while writing this review is ‘puppets’. The director of Labyrinth is the legendary Jim Henson and immediatly explains why this word came to mind as he directed popular television shows such as ‘The Muppets’ and ‘Sesame Street’.

The story line is pretty simple yet magical in a dark and funny way. Sarah, a fifteen year old teenager, accidently curses her baby brother to a fantasy world where The Goblin King, played by David Bowie, is in charge of things. The story deals with finding her way through the labyrinth and encountering lots of surprises along the way in order to save her baby brother.

To be honest, Sarah kinda reminds me of Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz; she helps everyone along the way and for that reason they choose to tag along and help her out as much as they possibly can. The fact that David Bowie wrote the soundtrack of this movie, which I find impressive, and therefor sings quite some times must be forgiven though because he is David Bowie, you know.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the photo realistic CGI of an owl is actually the very first attempt at a realistic animal character in a feature film. I was completely mesmerised how it smoothly flew into the opening shot and you couldn’t notice the difference with a real one. Another fact I wanted to share is that accomplished juggler and choreographer Michael Moschen lend his arm in various scenes where The Goblin King is performing an effortlessly one-hand ball juggle so don’t be fooled, David is really not as skilled as may look at first sight.

Even though labyrinth has left his mark on a lot of people it was an absolute flop at the box office in 1986. To be honest, I really liked the movie, it even made me giggle at times and I would suggest it to all the young cult film lovers who are into fantasy.

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