Feature: Terror Firmer

Terror_Firmer_(1999)Before jumping into the movie itself I want to spend some time talking about the company behind this production; Troma Entertainment. You might know them from movies like: Class of Nuke ‘Em High and The Toxic Avenger. Founded by Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman, this company prides itself on being an independent distribution and production house for the sleaziest and frankly also what might seem like ‘the worst’ horror movies if you’re not really into the genre. Now don’t get me wrong when I say ‘the worst’ horror movies. Troma has been producing films since 1974 on a very tight budget for every single one of these movies. If anything this company deserves nothing but respect from the movie industry in general for producing 40+ movies the way they did.

The movie itself tells the story of a low-budget film crew, led by their blind film director Larry Benjamin. Larry is in fact performed by Lloyd Kaufman himself; as you might dig further into the work done by Troma you will notice Lloyd’s not shy of appearing/starring in his own movies. Trying to make his movie, the entire crew has several encounters with a maniacal murderer thinning down the crew one by one. On top of that, the production assistant, Jennifer, has trouble sorting out her love-life unable to choose between two of her colleagues. This cheesy story gets covered in the usual buckets of (probably recycled) blood, pointless nudity and bad jokes, all of which you will find in Troma films.

All of the above might sound like it’s not at all worth spending 115 minutes watching this. It totally is though. Admittedly the acting is bad and the effects are cheap, but in my opinion this adds to the charm of it all. Especially considering the tight budget of $ 500.000 spent on the movie. In comparison: blockbuster World War Z finished shooting on a budget of $190 million. If you like comedy-horror the likes of Shaun of the Dead and Braindead, Terror Firmer might be right up your alley. Sitting through the whole movie might even reward you with one of the funnier end credits you will ever encounter.

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