California dreaming

If you are under the assumption that chromed-out Cadillacs and two-tone Buicks, smashing their two ton body to the concrete, dipping real slow in the corners and threewheelin´ up the avenue sounds like a scene only found in East LA, you are horribly wrong.

Belgium has more than just chocolate and statues of peeing kids. It has an internationally renowned lowrider scene that will make both jaws and panties drop.

That brings us to this black beauty.


Ever since he was kid, C. dreamed of one day owning an American ride. After a few years of saving up and looking online for a secondhand wreckage, the day finally came when C. and his Black ´73 Chevrolet Impala were united.

He drove his beat up 2001 Toyota Yaris to Brussels, to find a holy grail secretly tucked away in a storage unit. The Impala was covered in dust and sand, a clear sign of neglect but she was beautiful nonetheless. The previous owner was an 80-something year old man that had bought the car in the 70s, but ended up parking it, never to roll out in the mean streets of Brussels again. The grey haired senior guaranteed us that the V8 engines still roared and, with just a lick of paint, the car should be ready for a spin. C. nodded but didn´t actually listen to the old man´s cheap pitch. He knew what this Impala was destined for: rims, chrome, high hops and low scrapes.

This lowrider was already 10 years in the making in his mind, and now the stars aligned perfectly. Let the pimping begin.

In just three years, the Chevy transformed from a rusty heap of Detroit steel to a shiny black beauty that will make all the girls in the back seat pregnant.


This 1973 Chevrolet Impala hardtop is powered by a 5.7 liter V8 engine, fuck global warming.
You can fit two Fiat 500s in this more than 5 meters long and 2 meters wide monster.
Oh your Honda R1 can pop a wheelie? That´s cute, this beast is sitting on a 2 pump, 4 switches hydraulic setup that can launch the Apollo 13 into space.
A Benz or Beamer can make a wangsta out of every Autotune Millionaire, but the 14 inch, 100 spoke wire wheels shining along with the chrome headlights will guarantee you true Goodfella status.
And for your information, a body rolled up in a Persian rug can easily fit in the trunk.


I´m out.

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