HUVr – The Future has arrived

The time has finally come. The one thing we’ve been dreaming about and waiting for since 1989.


The HUVr Tech company has finally managed to make the hoverboard a reality. Watch Moby, Terrell Owens, Tony Hawk and Dr. Emmett Brown himself take a spin on the first models. Or so they claim.

The video is pretty well made though. However, we’re not entirely sure what they’re actually promoting. Apparently something’s going down in December 2014 as that’s the destination time mentioned on the website.

Are we going to see something Back To The Future related happening by the end of the year? If so, that’s a really long time to wait. If only we had a time machine.


  1. Maarten

    Tony Hawk apologizes for the hoverboard prank, apparently a lot of people took it to be true. He says it wasn’t a promotion for a new movie or videogame, that he just wanted to use the stunt harnas that was used in BTTFT2.
    Watch the video here:

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