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I guess every generation has its bands who they stick with, like (almost) forever. For me it’s Green Day and the Offspring who initiated my love for punk rock and hardcore back in 1994 when they released their breakthrough albums ‘Dookie’ and ‘Smash’.

This morning when I woke up way too early – around 5:30 – another one of those bands popped into my mind when the next song haunted my pre-coffee mind:

I don’t wanna grow up,
I’m never getting old.

I’m gonna stay young until I die!
I’m gonna stay young until I die!

Yep, ‘Young ‘Till I Die’, but in the version of Battery and not the original version by 7 seconds. Battery’s version certainly introduced me to these legends later on. I don’t know why this song though. Is it because I’m going to be a dad for the first time in a few hours, a few days, I even might be a dad by the time you read this. In a way I just don’t want to grow up ;-).

Because today is the day when we forget all regrets
And focus on what really matters.
And i hope for you this is more then a trend,
Because you can count on me UNTIL THE END

Nevertheless, back to the band. Battery (originally started as Fury) was a Washington D.C. hardcore band formed in 1990 and ended in 1998. They reformed for a brief reunion in 2012. During this time they released a self titled 7″ (1991), a split 7″ with Ignite (1994), two MCD’s ‘We won’t Fall’ (1994) and ‘Let The Past Go’ (1994) and three full-length albums called ‘Only The Diehard Remain’ (1994), Until The End (1996) and ‘Whatever It Takes’ (1998). In 2002 Soul Force released a compilation CD in entitled Final Fury: 1990-1997.

The guitarist and main man from Battery was Ken Olden, who also played in Damnation A.D., Better Than a Thousand (with Ray Cappo from Youth Of Today), When Tigers Fight, Worlds Collide, … and filled in on bass for Youth of Today on their 2003 European reunion tour. Vocalist was Brian McTernan. In 1993 the band turned into Worlds Collide with Matt Burger as the new vocalist. Later on they eventually reformed as Battery with Brian McTernan, Ken Olden, a new bass player and a new drummer. Battery achieved success in Europe while in the US it seems they were only well known in the D.C. area.

Sunday matinees have never seemed the same
Since you turned our hardcore shows into a football game.
But you’re not the only one to blame,
Because we sat back for so many years
and watched you play all your stupid tough-guy games
We took your shit and now we’re lying in it.

It’s time to make a change…MAKE IT FUCKIN’ CHANGE
If there’s 200 kids and only they’re total dicks,
Which of us do you think should get to say?

So, my introduction to Battery was their 1996 album ‘Until the End’ with their 7 seconds cover of ‘Young ‘Till I Die’. Later on I also picked up ‘Whatever It Takes’ and their earlier release ‘Only The Diehard Remain’. ‘Until the End’ is just one of those records, like ‘Dookie’ that will stick with me forever. Back in the days music was sold on shiny silver discs with booklets and all in shops like the ‘Free Record Shop’ (RIP). I visited this shop on a regular basis, just to go through their record shelves in search for a new sound and one day I came across this album. Listening to it at the record shop, their melodic style of old school hardcore with appealing lyrics just moved my world. Even 19 years later, those lyrics as the ones above, still have some relevance.

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