Feature: Gorilla Biscuits


Gorilla Biscuits in your head.

One more time and you’ll be dead.

Better watch out better be scared,

heading for the dragon’s lair.

G-O-R-I-double L-A Biscuits.


If the names Anthony “Civ” Civarelli (vocals) and Walter Schreifels (guitar) ring a bell, so must CIV, Youth Of Today, Quicksand and … GORILLA BISCUITS. Gorilla Biscuits is one of my favourite late 80’s hardcore bands. This cookie outfit was, and still is, a legendary New York-based melodic hardcore punk band, popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Their ‘Gorilla Biscuits’ EP and their ‘Start Today’ full-length are simply hardcore classics.

I had the pleasure of seeing Gorilla Biscuits live a few times in the past, not during their glory years (they broke up in 1991-1992 already, three years after the release of their debut album ‘Start Today’) but during their 2007 European reunion tour when they played Hof Ter Loo in Antwerp and a few years later on Groezrock. I didn’t care much, and still don’t, about reunion shows but this was the best reunion show I’ve seen in a long time.

Next time I’ll try, for the first time in my life.
It won’t pass me by. Procrastinate it can wait, I put it off.

Gorilla Biscuits and its members had, and still have, a huge influence on the music scene. In the 80’s Walter Schreifels played in numerous hardcore bands like Youth Of Today and Gorilla Biscuits. Later on he formed Quicksand and Rival Schools to eventually go solo. Anthony Civarelli formed the punk rock band CIV when GB quit. Arthur Smilios (bass) played with Token Entry, Underdog and even joined CIV. Alex Brown (guitar) was a member of the straight edge hardcore bands Project X and Side By Side (Eric of the band also joined GB briefly) before he joined the band and Luke Abbey (drums) was also a member of Warzone and Judge.

If you liked this, you can see Gorilla Biscuits live on August 9 at Ieperfest: www.ieperfest.com

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