Feature: Spermbirds

In 1982, when I was still in a diaper and some of you weren’t even born yet, some crazy German punks formed a band called the Spermbirds. A hardcore punk band with Lee Hollies, an American G.I. stationed in Germany, as vocalist. Their most successful album ‘Something to Prove’ from 1986 is probably one of the most important European HC-Punk classics with cult classics as ‘Something To Prove’ and ‘My God Rides a Skateboard’.

It’s not how you dress. It’s how you live.
It’s not what you take. It’s what you give.
The answer isn’t in violence at shows.
Fuck up your clubs. If you want them to close.

The band was known for their catchy melodies, driving rhythms and sarcastic/ironic yet intelligent lyrics. In every record they stick to those basics but add different musical influences, sounds and sometimes some new instruments.

Up till now the band is still active, they had their part of ups and down, line-up changes and splits but certainly gained a cult status within the European hardcore and punk scene. They released a few singles and 12 records including studio albums, compilation records and live albums. Their latest studio album ‘A Columbus feeling’ is from 2010. Back then I wrote a review about it that you can read here. ‘A Columbus Feeling’ was the follow up of their 2004 album ‘Set an Example’.

You’re not a punk, so just stop trying.
Your clothes are good but your brain is dying.
You’re an embarrassment to what we believe.
Just take your skateboard and – leave.

I saw them once in one of Belgium’s most legendary clubs: ‘t Lintfabriek in Kontich, the CBGB’s of Belgium. I even interviewed them once for my fanzine (issue n°4), still have some copies laying around, if anyone is interested don’t hesitate to contact me.

It seems that the band is working on a new record, to be released in 2015.



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