Kickstarter: Bringin’ the mixtapes back!

deathshredmixtapes_bwRemember the times you were thrashin’ the streets while listening to your favorite mixtape on your walkman?

Well, over at Death Shred we think it’s about time to bring this 80’s and 90’s audio cassette radness back into our lives.

Therefor we created this non-profit project at Kickstarter. We’ll be collaborating with a bunch of trashy yet brilliant indie bands for the first issue of our mixtape which will be the first in a series, of hopefully more to come, depending on how much response we’ll get on this project.

As the brand has a presence and cult following in over 30 countries worldwide we’ll be sending out these limited mixtapes (and/or their download code) for free with each order and in that way help independent bands get their name out, the oldschool DIY way.

Of course this release will be accompanied with rad-ass artwork by one of our in-house designers. Bands on board so far are Amenra, Brutus, Cocaine Piss, Teen Creeps, The Sedan Vault, We’rewolves, Every Stranger Looks Like You..
More bands will be announced throughout the process but believe us when we say things are gonna get rad as fuck.

Please get involved and support this DIY project, we’d be forever grateful.

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