Almost A Part

The best Belgian skateboarder ever, Youness Amrani, just dropped a small part on the Thrasher website. Called ‘Almost A Part’, it shows his latest progression and proves that Almost’s recent call to make him pro was indeed a solid one. Youness is jumping down things like he’s Jaws and grinding gnarlier things than Jamie Thomas’ smith grind. Combine this with his smooth style and ability to pull off nice bigspins and technical tricks, and you’ve got a part you just need to watch.

Skateboarding might be his number one thing, but if you look closely, you can see another sport popping up. Maybe a bit surprising, but it seems he’s a big football (that’s soccer for you, Americans) fan. You can see him rocking football jersey from teams like Manchester United, PSG and Barcelona.

After you’ve watched his part, there are only two things left to do: 1. Go buy a Youness’ pro model at your local shop (and support you local scene, twice). 2. Go shred that board like there’s no tomorrow.

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