Hawk’s new video part ‘Perched’

The legendary Tony Hawk, who made his first appearance at the age of 16 in Powell-Peralta’s The Bones Brigade Video Show (1984), is at the age of 46 (!) still pushing himself to the limit. He’s been filming video parts for twice as long as many skaters have been. Inspirational? I do think so.

Ride Channel spoke to Tony about the process behind the new section, his inspirations, and his drive to progress. He even gave a shout out to our Death Shred team rider William Spencer which is rad as fuck to say the least.

I think that the sharing of ideas is much more prevalent. Where are we going? There’s so many different styles and different ideas being thrown out there. When you look at a guy like Jason Park—he’s doing stuff no one ever thought of or maybe realized was possible because they were afraid to step outside that comfort zone of what’s considered cool. But guys like him and William Spencer—that’s a whole movement that I think requires an insane skill set but also the confidence to step outside what’s considered normal. And that stuff definitely progresses skating. I love that kind of stuff.

Read the whole interview HERE.

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