Skateshop in a tiny NYC apartment

Wasn’t there a time when you thought: ‘Man, it would be so awesome to have a skateshop at home.’? Well, this dude in NYC did exactly that. Skateboarding isn’t a sport that is played by the rules but skateshops still conform to the 10 am till 6 pm opening hours. Not ‘Terminal’. This shop is open when its owner is at home. Even at 1:30 am!

What started as some back-up boards for his friends in his living room, slowly evolved into a place with lots of boards, shoes, trucks, hardware, wheels and even hats. All of this grew from the passion of one man, Eugene Kang, who just wanted to skate. Running a skateshop from his living room doesn’t provide a steady check but it does give him freedom. It gave him something that isn’t a dead-end job.

When in New York, give Kang a call, visit his place and support him.

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