True To This


Fans of skateboarding, snowboarding and/or surfing, head over to the Volcom website. Volcom’s latest movie True To This is streaming. Bummed that Latvia had a premiere and Belgium didn’t? Don’t be, ‘cause with a bit of a delay you can see it all from your own comfortable couch.

Action packed and filled with footage of the best concrete, mountains and waves this world has to offer, TTT keeps your adrenaline levels high for over 40 minutes. In true Volcom style, we see some of the most creative things ever done on a board, edited together with some of the weirdest filters.

20 years ago, ‘Alive We Ride’ broke through the boundaries of parochialism and brought the 3 most recognisable actionsports together in film for the first time. This is exactly what True To This is doing again. While skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing might be close cousins, hell they might even be brothers, most media keeps them separated. Whether there’s any real logic to the traditional thinking that it’s better for each to keep a respectful distance, I don’t know. We’re not used to see the interdisciplinary cross, so the potential for audience blowback is available.

That didn’t bother me at all. I was just mesmerized by North Shore barrels, snowboarding on remote mountain peaks and just flat out impressive skating. This is one to watch, for sure!

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