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Feature: Gorilla Biscuits

GO!!!!!!!!!! Gorilla Biscuits in your head.
 One more time and you’ll be dead.
 Better watch out better be scared,
 heading for the dragon’s lair.
 G-O-R-I-double L-A Biscuits. If the

An interview with H2O

H2O interview with Adam (bass), Groezrock 2014 “This is the only life I want to live in 1995! I’m not coming home there’s nothing there for me. Time flies,


Hardcore superband OFF! is back with a kick to your groin. After releasing ‘Hypnotized’ as a new single for the upcoming full length last week, they backed it up

Feature: Minor Threat

There is one band you X-ed up hardcore punks should know about and that’s MINOR THREAT. They set, together with BLACK FLAG and fellow Washington, D.C. hardcore band Bad